Links from Europe

Useful links from Europe are shown below.

Association for the monitoring and the study of atmospheric pollution in Alsace, France.
Danish air quality
Danish air quality data, including detailed site maps, for two national networks.
Environment Daily - European environmental information.
The Republic of Ireland's environmental information service. Includes smoke and sulpur dioxide data for Dublin, as well as emissions inventories for a number of pollutants
Environmental Information from the Norwegian Government
General information from the Norwegian Minister for the Environment, including details of Air Pollution, Ozone and Client issues in Norway.
Information about Air Quality in Austria
Lots of information about Air Quality in Austria, Monitoring, Environmental Controls, and Environmental Information.
Belgian site which has daily ozone values over the summer, as well as historical data. Pages in Dutch, French, German and English.
Swedish Environmental Research Institute. Up-to-date summaries of current air quality and real-time monitoring data. Pages exist for the cities of Stockholm, Gothenburg, Sundsvall, Malmo and Copenhagen region, Norkoeping and Vasteras.
Lyon, France
French website, discussing air quality in the Lyon region.
The Dutch National Institute of Public Health and the Environment pages.
State of the Environment Georgia
A wide range of information, including Case Studies and Reports about Georgia's environment.
The Federal Environmental Agency of Germany
This is an extensive site, covering their many activities, in both German and English.
Publishes online air quality data for the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany.

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